Make it wireless

Installs in minutes. Works with any electric deadman switch.

Get setup

If you're already using an electric deadman switch, installation is simple. Purchase a Wireless Deadman Upgrade Kit, then follow the 3 easy steps below to complete your installation.

You're ready

When it's time to blast, simply toggle the receiver and transmitter ON, and use your deadman switch to control the blast pot like normal. The cable is gone for good.

Wireless Deadman Bundle

  • Free shipping in North America
  • Available now. Due to overwhelming demand, orders may take up to 4 weeks to arrive
  • Inventory on the way
  • 1000' range while penetrating through walls and other objects
  • 12 hour battery life and rechargeable with USB-C
  • L5-15 connectors preinstalled for a quick installation
  • Durable and tightly sealed for the toughest environments
  • Run multiple lines at once with unique color coded accents! RED talks to RED, BLUE talks to BLUE etc..
Using more than one? Select a unique accent color

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Add some backup units

Easily swap out a damaged unit with a backup of the same accent color

Frequently Asked Questions

Believe it or not, with direct line of sight the devices can communicate over a few miles of range.

As the amount of objects between the transmitter and receiver increases the range will continue to decrease below a few miles. Typical scenarios with plenty of steel, dust, and walls in the way result in a range often times still greater than 1000'.

Yes. Direct line of sight is not required between the blast pot receiver and the deadman switch transmitter.

The delay is a fraction of a second and is hardly noticeable. No learning curve is required to get accustomed to it.

The transmitter will last approximately 12 hours between charges.

The receiver itself does not have any batteries and is powered externally.

The transmitter is recharged using a commonly found USB-C cable

So long as you are using an electric deadman switch this product will work with your blast pot.

Yes. Feel free to remove our standard L5-15 connectors if you're using something else. You'll see that, like traditional wired deadman switches, there are 2 wires inside the connector and the polarity does not matter when reconnecting the wires.

Yes. With many years of experience in the industry we understood that durability and reliability needed to be our biggest priorities while designing this product.

  • Each button is fully waterproof and enclosed with a rubber boot for increased protection.
  • The PCB on the inside is coated with a protective silicone layer so that even if dust ingress occurs, it will not short out the electronics.

The Wireless Deadman Upgrade Kit is now available!

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